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Family Guard Dogs For Sale

Our Guard Dogs are trained by nationally-recognized police, prison service and protection dog experts having obtained accreditation of the B.I.P.D.T.[the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers] Security division. Our impeccable reputation in the guard dog world allows us to evaluate and select the best family guard dogs available in Europe. We typically have German Shepherds, Belgium Shepherds and Rottweilers

We match you with the perfect dog and, utilizing our nationwide network of trainers, we deliver the dog to your home. Our trainers help you accustom the dog to your home and provide follow-up training where you live even after the dog settles into your family.

Guard Dogs UK is a bespoke operation. We simply won’t house large numbers of dogs.  Instead, we bring each dog into our own homes for further training, socialization and love. Each dog we sell is a member of our own family. In the guard dog business, smaller is better.

For more information please give us a call on Tel: 01638 490409    M 07922 575566 or click to Email


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