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Single Handler Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

Our Guard Dogs are trained by nationally-recognized police, prison service and protection dog experts having obtained accreditation of the B.I.P.D.T.[the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers] Security division. Our impeccable reputation in the guard dog world allows us to evaluate and select the best personal protection dogs on offer in Europe.

We can supply and train single handler guard dogs, ready to test for your needs. We offer dogs from our own puppy program and green dogs that have been heavily tested and selected for their high working drives and character. We typically have German Shepherds, Belgium Shepherds and Rottweilers. We offer dogs at all levels of power and drive, from easy to handle first time handler dogs at lower prices, to extremely dominant powerful dogs that must be handled by very experienced handlers, and all types in between.

Our prices vary depending on the dog ranging from a solid single purpose dog, to a true "special task" type of dog.  Please call for information on what we currently have available to fill your specific needs.

We supply personal protection dogs for single handlers who need these dogs for their work, farm or business premises



For more information please give us a call on Tel: 01638 490409    M 07922 575566 or click to Email

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