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Personal protection dog Training

We treat our dogs with love and respect and raise them on the property you see in the photos. Our facilities can accomodate all types of dog training, including Security, Search and Rescue. Specializing in all types of real life situations.

Intruder Alert is deterrent training which enhances your dog's perimeter awareness and understanding to bark when necessary. We will teach your dog and encourage a stronger aggressive ability when told to do so. This training is done in your home or on your property to encourage a territorial instinct. This training does not include bite work but could be customized to your needs

Guard Dogs UK training is capable of teaching your dog how to defend you on command. This program teaches them the art of controlled defense work.  A qualified dog will learn to discourage an intruder (command bark), and build on that bark as the intruder approaches closer, and when commanded, bite the intruder with a powerful full mouth bite. This program also teaches the handler how to handle this new deterrent.
This training is not to be confused with Schutzhund training (also training performed by excellent trainers for the purpose of sport).  Guard Dogs UK training is designed specifically for the family requiring personal protection provided by one of "mother nature's" most intimidating animals (your dog).  


For more information please give us a call on Tel: 01638 490409    M 07922 575566 or click to Email

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