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Guard Dogs UK offers the very best in German Shepherds, Belgium Shepherds, Rottweilers, Family Guard Dogs and Single Handler Guard Dogs in the UK. We offer the best personal protection dogs in the area.

In our opinion, a high-tech, costly security system is a distant second to an intelligent, superbly trained guard dog. Criminals look for the easy score. The last house a burglar will target is the one with the big barking dog.

How Do You Protect What You Value Most?

In an increasingly unsettled world, give yourself peace of mind. The same playful dog who chases balls in the garden and sleeps at your feet can, in an instant, become an intimidating protector. Our guard dogs instinctively place themselves between their families and an outside threat. They perceive threats before you can and are ready to spring into action.

The right dog for the right job


We will work with you according to your budget and needs to find the right dog for you. We keep in touch with breeders of working dog kennels for puppy placement programs that might be of interest to you.

Your guard dog should be part of the family at all times. A well-trained socialized dog will be comfortable in any public situation: traveling with you and the kids to the shops or on the school run or after-school activities.

Wouldn't you feel more secure when you come home, knowing your dog will alert you if any intruders are inside waiting for you? Or that if things get out of hand when a visitor comes to your home, your personal guard dog is quietly at your side, ready to protect the family on your command.

Getting a personal protection dog is one of the most important decisions your family will make, that’s why we encourage the whole family to get involved right from the beginning. We like to get to know you all, find out everyone’s expectations and needs for a dog of this caliber. That way we can best choose a dog that will make the right fit .

We also offer personal protection dogs for single handlers who need the dog for their work, farm or business premises


Boarding Kennels

Send your dog to Guard Dogs UK whilst you are away if you have no one suitable to take care of your dogs needs..  More


For more information please give us a call on Tel: 01638 490409    M 07922 575566 or click to Email

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